Gaia Blade DD Gaia Blade (DD)
The Titan Blade unleash as it appears in Dark Dawn.
Trade values
Item class Long Sword
Buy value 11,500
Sell value 8,625
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost Star venus 168
Elemental Power Boosts Star venus 20
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star venus 20
First unleash effect
Effect name Power Charge
Extra damage Star mars x1.4
Second unleash effect
Effect name Spiral Assault
Extra damage Star jupiter 1.3
Third unleash effect
Effect name Sky Diver
Extra damage Star jupiter 66
Side effect May stun the foe
Fourth unleash effect
Effect name Titan Blade
Unleash rate 35%
Extra damage Star venus 70

The Gaia Blade (Gaia no Tsurugi/"Sword of Gaia" in the Japanese version) is a Long Sword-class weapon Artifact available in all three games, and in the original game, many would instinctively identify it as the game's "ultimate weapon". It is found in a treasure chest pretty easily in the game's final dungeon, Venus Lighthouse. Being a Long Sword-class weapon, the Gaia Blade can be equipped on warrior-style Adepts, namely Isaac and Garet, and Felix, and Piers if transferred into The Lost Age, while only the venus-based warrior Matthew can equip it in Dark Dawn. Its buy value is 17,000 coins, and its sell value is 12,750 coins.

Basic DescriptionEdit

GBA seriesEdit

The Gaia Blade increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 135 points, the highest attack rating increase provided by a piece of equipment in Golden Sun, and also increases the wielder's Venus power by 20 and Venus resistance by 20. The sword is a pure-element weapon because its physical attack is itself an attack whose resulting damage is either increased or decreased based on how the user's Venus power compares to the target's Venus resistance. The Gaia Blade's Unleash effect is Titan Blade (Titanic in the Japanese version), with the standard base activation rate of 35%, which is a physical attack with an additional 70 points of damage added, and then is affected by the user and target's Venus statistics as before. Visually, Titan Blade is the most spectacular Unleash effect in Golden Sun, which visually is the wielder summoning a colossal yellow sword crashing down into the area where the target is, letting loose a veritable water spout of yellow energy as it digs into the target, and detonating in a large bright explosion of purple energy.

Dark DawnEdit

In Dark Dawn, it is a personal weapon of Matthew's that can be found in Yamata Ruins after receiving the Yellow Orb (Search is required as well). Its signature unleash, Titan Blade (a Venus-based unleash that deals 70 more damage) is still present, but along with three other summons: Power Charge, Spiral Assault, and Sky Diver. Power Charge is a Mars-based unleash that multiplies damage done by 1.4., and Spiral Assault is a Jupiter-based unleash that multiplies damage by 1.3. In additon, Sky Diver is a Jupiter-based that deals 66 extra damage, and can stun the target as well.


Golden SunEdit

In Golden Sun, the Gaia Blade is perhaps quite clearly the best weapon in the game. Most players would equip it on Isaac because when he has all seven Venus Djinn on him his very high Venus power and resistance (further bolstered by the sword itself) causes his normal attack, Unleash, and even his Psynergy moves to be noticeably more powerful than those of any other Adept. A typical method of capitalizing on Isaac's efficiency with the Gaia Blade is to equip the Warrior's Helm, which increases his Unleash rate by 10% and Venus power by 10, and Hyper Boots, which further increases his Unleash rate by 12%. He will be able to Unleash a powerful Titan Blade effect 57% of the time when he attacks, and if he is wearing Spiked Armor that chance even further increases by 6% to form the maximum possible Unleash rating of 63%. (Titan Blade's effect is essentially a more damaging version of the Ragnarok Psynergy attack, which is viewable as a more damaging version of a normal physical attack with the Gaia Blade.)

Golden Sun: The Lost AgeEdit

Considering how powerful and easy to get the Gaia Blade is, it can safely be assumed that if Golden Sun: The Lost Age is played with full data transfer, Isaac will be equipped with the Gaia Blade when his party joins Felix's. At that point, even though the Gaia Blade has technically less of an attack rating than weapons Felix's party can have (Hestia Blades and the Phaeton's Blade, namely), the Gaia Blade is still a good weapon for Isaac to wield and can only be reliably replaced by a stronger Venus-based weapon, such as the three possible weapons that can be forged from Golem Cores. One of those three weapons, a Huge Sword, is a direct improvement over the Gaia Blade that shares its pure-element Venus nature and has higher Attack and an Unleash with an additional side effect that lowers enemy Defense, though it does not increase Venus power and resistance.

Golden Sun: Dark DawnEdit

When the Gaia Blade is acquired in Yamata Ruins, it will instantly be much more powerful than most of the equipment you will already have in your possession. However, the addition of Jupiter and Mars-based unleashes does not give Matthew as much power as he could. Regardless, since only Matthew can wield it, it will make a placeholder weapon until the Sol Blade has been acquired.

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