Glittering Tiara is a Circlet-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Visually, the Glittering Tiara resembles a blue circlet with a shining headpiece.

Basic Description by Game Edit

A Glittering Tiara increases the wearer's Defense rating by 27 points, and can be used to delude an enemy group. However, contrary to the item's description, this item does not protect the wearer from gaining the Delusion condition. It is bought for 3600 coins while its resale value is 2700. If broken it can be sold for 1800 coins or repaired for 900 coins.

In Golden Sun, it is acquired randomly as a prize from Tolbi's Lucky Medal Spring. This circlet can only be worn by females, so only Mia can equip it in Golden Sun. If transferred, Jenna and Sheba can also equip it in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In Dark Dawn, it is found in a chest in Barai Pond, and can be equipped by KarisSveta, and Himi.

Analysis Edit

This armor is one of the many pieces of equipment that can be won at Tolbi's spring and be used to outfit your party, replacing their outdated equipment acquired beforehand with equipment like this. Some might fault this for being only a minor improvement to the standard-issue Guardian Circlets that can be bought at Tolbi's normal vendors, but that in itself may be considered an advantage because if you redeem your Lucky Medals at Tolbi Spring before shopping at the normal vendors (which is always what you should do when you first come to Tolbi) and get a Glittering Tiara, you will not need to buy a Guardian Circlet for Mia afterward.

In Dark Dawn, the Glittering Tiara is more useful as a Defensive item, as it is found at a much earlier portion of the game. When found, only Karis can equip it, and it will remain in her possession for a significant period of time. By the time the player reaches Te Rya Village, the player will have encountered stronger Artifacts that can replace the Glittering Tiara, depending on how the player chooses to distribute them.

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