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Goma Highlands Road Map

The Goma Highlands Road (ゴマ高原道 Goma Plateau Road) is a dungeon-style location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This place features some flower and gondola puzzles, items, and the Jupiter Djinni Gust. The area is apparently meant to make the player familiar with the use of the Whirlwind Psynergy before a cutscene in Carver's Camp where Whirlwind is required to save a child there.

Story Edit

The Goma Highlands Road stretches between and area south of Patcher's Place to Carver's Camp, and has several exits. It appears to be a site of logging for the lumberjacks of Carver's Camp. The area is littered with ancient gondolas. The gondolas travel along wires after being powered by fire, and ease travel though the road. The area is a common site for wild wind blossoms, which can be used as mid-air platforms after being lifted by the wind. Breezes blow through the area to activate the flowers occasionally, though the Whirlwind Psynergy also suffices as an activation method.



  • Mint Mint: Found in a chest in the west part of the first map of Goma Highlands Road
  • Themis Axe Themis Axe: Found in the chest at the east part of the second map of Goma Highlands Road
  • Herb Herb: Found in a pot near the Jupiter Djinn. Getting it by going counter-clockwise behind the norther house and casting move at the rock column.


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