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The Grave Eclipse is an event in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn triggered by the activation of the Alchemy Dynamo in Belinsk, situated underneath the Luna Tower.

Once triggered, a dark shadow extends over most of Angara, absorbing Sol's light. The shadow of the Grave Eclipse spawns gruesome monsters which slaughter citizens indiscriminatly.

Three towns have major defenses for its citizens during the Grave Eclipse. Ayuthay's citizens were already hiding in the underground portion of the city due to the Kaocho invasion, and one of the few ways inside is only passable with a Tree Flute. As such, actual citizens of Ayuthay were spared from the eclipse, the deaths limited to the Kaocho soldiers outside and King Paithos, whose throne room was in an open-air area of the palace. The Alchemy Well may have also played a major part in the city's defense. Passaj was protected by the fortifications brought about by the activation of the Alchemy Forge. However, the monsters were able to penetrate the Passaj Mountain Climb, outside the range of the fortifications, and the deaths were limited to that range. Harapa was protected by its walls and lights, activated by the Alchemy Forge and Alchemy Well working in harmony. However, the western wall, made of wood, was breached, and some degree of slaughter did occur. Harapa's major eastern stone gate remains perpetually shut.

Other settlements were not as fortunate. Belinsk, situated right beneath the Luna Tower, experienced an extremely high death toll. Kaocho was almost completely wiped out; however, some citizens did manage to reach the safety of the palace, according to some of the deceased citizens that the party can cast Spirit Sense on. Champa is also of note; many citizens were able to escape the capital city and move to the portion of the beach outside of the Eclipse area. However, not all citizens escaped the Eclipse area, and many decaying bodies still lay on the ground around the city. Additionally, the entire city is in ruin, partially due to Obaba's unwillingness to vacate the city. Several citizens stay in the city, loyal to her, and building large fires, fueled by the city's wooden structures, to repel the darkness monsters.

Due to the blockage of Sol's light, the climate of Angara and surrounding areas were negatively affected. Large ice floes dot the waters around Tonfon, and most living citizens complain of the dropping temperatures.


The ruins leading to the Alchemy Dynamo were sealed up many years previously in an attempt to prevent another Grave Eclipse and the chaos that would ensue. Matthew and his party are tricked by Blados and Chalis into retreiving the Magma Orb from the belly of the Mountain Roc. The Magma Orb was then stolen by Ryou Kou, desperate to save his sister Hou Ju and believing activating the Alchemy Dynamo was the only way to save her. Arcanus was able to use this to manipulate Ryou Kou into using the Orb to activate the Alchemy Dynamo. This triggered the Grave Eclipse.

The protagonists discover that the Grave Eclipse can be ended by utilizing the Apollo Lens to flood the Luna Tower with Light Psynergy.


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