Grievous Mace (Gravity Mace in Japan) is a Mace-class Artifact weapon found in the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game Edit

In its all appearances, the Grievous Mace increases the wielder's attack by 88 points. It can be bought for 7000 coins and sold for 5250 coins. Additionally, the Grievous Mace is a pure-element weapon, aligned with Venus. This means that its standard attack does damage based on the wielder's Venus Power and the target's Venus Resistance.

In Golden Sun, the Grievous Mace is one of the prizes that can be won in the Lucky Medal Fountain in Tolbi. It can be equipped by IsaacGaret, and Mia. If the Grievous Mace is transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost AgeFelixSheba, and Piers can equip it as well. The Grievous Mace's Unleash attack is Terra Strike (Earth Attack in Japan). Terra Strike attacks with an additional 20 attack points. Visually, Terra Strike resembles a normal attack with a stalagmite rising out of the ground to strike the target.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the Grievous Mace is found in the Cancer Zodiac room within Craggy Peak Ruins. It retains Terra Strike as secondary Unleash, making it one of the few returning weapons to not have its signature Unleash as the final Unleash. Instead, the Grievous Mace's final Unleash is Fearless Attack. Normally, Fearless Attack is a non-elemental physical attack. However, the Grievous Mace's pure-element nature converts Fearless Attack to a Venus-based move; Fearless Attack multiplies the potential damage inflicted by 1.7.

Analysis Edit

Like Assassin Blades, weapons stronger than Grievous Maces don't appear in Golden Sun until Lunpa (aside from Assassin Blades themselves). This is the only weapon from the spring that Mia can wield, so if one is won, it will most likely be given to her. However, being a purely Venus-based offensive measure, Isaac himself would be a viable candidate because the weapon will do enhanced damage based on his Venus power rating, and is especially strong against monsters with low Venus resistance ratings, namely the Gargoyle and Tornado Lizard monster lines.

In Dark Dawn, the Grievous Mace is a viable choice for either Matthew or Rief, depending on the player's preference. Matthew's naturally high Venus Power allows him to take full advantage of the Grievous Mace's Unleashes, particularly Fearless Attack. On the other hand, Rief can benefit from the attack increase, which is higher than the Psynergy Rod he is likely holding. If the player gives the the Grievous Mace to Matthew, it is likely to remain in the party long enough that Rief could get it as a hand-me-down for a short time.

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