Growth, Mad Growth, and Wild Growth are a series of Venus attack Psynergy featured in both games. Although the character can acquire them just outside of the first town in each game, those unfamiliar with the Djinn mechanic may not find this available. It is available to the Brute Class series (Brute onwards) and both Seer Class series (Mercury and Jupiter). As such, this Psynergy is available to any character, provided the correct Djinn combination.

In the E3 2010 demo, Growth has been confirmed to reappear in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, once again filling its role as a utility Psynergy. Matthew can use it without exchanging Djinn to Tyrell but he only knows Growth. Himi can learn all three levels without the need to exchange Djinn. She will have learned all three by the time she joins your party.


Psynergy spellsEdit

Growth Growth: “Attack with wild plants.”: This costs 4 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 25 and has a range of one target. A few thorny vines erupt from the ground and through the foe. It is available at level 1 for Brute classes and level 3 for Seer classes. The manual to the North American version of The Lost Age incorrectly names this Psynergy "Grow" in some instances.

Mad Growth Mad Growth: “Attack with ferocious plants.”: This costs 10 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 60, and has a range of three targets. A group of thorny vines erupt from the ground and through the foes for a short time. It is available at level 12 for both Brutes and Seers.

Wild Growth Wild Growth: “Attack with giant plants.”: This costs 19 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 110, and has a range of five targets. A large tangle of thorny vines erupt from the ground and through the foes for an extended time. It is available at level 28 for Brutes and level 29 for Seers.

Growth as a Utility PsynergyEdit


The first of the Growth series Psynergies can be utilized on small plants to cause them to grow into tall vines, which Isaac or Felix can then climb to reach new areas. Another use is to navigate the maze within Gaia Rock leading to the Serpent, where the player can use Growth on the plants to see which way to go. If not used on a plant, Growth works much like in battle, but as it is deprived of a target, it is effectively useless. In the first 2 games, growth could only be use when a Venus adept had 1 Venus and 1 Mars djinni were set, but in Dark Dawn Matthew could use it with no djinn at all.


As far as basic series go, the Growth series could be considered the staple area-of-effect Venus Psynergy. Only very, very early in the game, it can serve as an effective combat tool, but once the second Djinni acquired, Grand Gaia and Spire is generally considered more effective than Wild Growth. However, Wild Growth is obtained almost twice as early as Grand Gaia, level-wise, and can still serve well as a placeholder to soften enemies a little bit up until then for a lower cost. This is especially good to use if an enemy is strong to this element, when playing with mono-elemental classes !

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