HerculeanAxeIconDD Herculean Axe
Trade values
Item class Axe
Buy value 28,000
Sell value 21,000
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 186
First unleash effect
Effect name Stone Justice
Extra damage Star venus 11
Side effect May drop target's agility by 50%.
Second unleash effect
Effect name Barrage
Extra damage Star mars 20
Side effect May stun the foe.
Third unleash effect
Effect name Meltdown
Extra damage Star mars 47
Side effect Hits each adjacent foe,
May drop the target's defense by 25%.
Fourth unleash effect
Effect name Olympus Rage
Extra damage Star mars x2
Side effect May instantly down the target.

The Herculean Axe is an Axe-class artifact in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is the strongest Axe in Dark Dawn and one of the few new weapons. It can be found by forging Orihalcon.

Basic DescriptionEdit

It can be equiped by Matthew, Tyrell, or Eoleo.

It increases the wielder's attack by 186. It has four unleashes: Stone Justice, Barrage, Meltdown, and Olympus Rage. Stone Justice is Venus-based, increases damage dealt by 11, and may reduce the target's agility by 50%. Barrage is Mars-based: it boosts damage dealt by 20, and may stun the foe as well. Meltdown, also Mars-based, increases damage by 47, hits each adjacent foe, and may drop the target's defense by 25%. Olympus Rage, another Mars-based unleash, multiplies damage dealt by 2, with the potential effect to instantly down the target.


Since Eoleo cannot equip Long Swords, the Herculean Axe is probably the best weapon for him, and the Mars power will greatly support such. Tyrell, on the other hand, will probably wield the Levatine or the Darksword. Matthew will most likely wield the Sol Blade.

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