Hesperia Settlement is a "house" of sorts constructed into a hill at the southwestern tip of Hesperia, and is an explorable location in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is inhabited by a nuclear family of three, who essentially inform the player about how Shaman Village (also in Hesperia) can only be reached by crossing through a certain cave, and how the people there are borderline xenophobic due to a terrible massacre they once suffered at the hands of foreigners.


The most noteworthy feature of the Hesperia Settlement is the Mars Djinni Tinder

Hesperia Settlement - Map Location

Location of the settlement


Mars djinn Tinder: Located on a ledge that is accessed by using Growth to reach the crate atop the cliff, which once pushed off the leftmost edge and Moved once space right, will serve as a platform enabling the player to acquire the Djinni.
Coin Also within this settlement is a chest containing 166 coins.

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