Himi (ヒミ Himi) is a playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. She is the first Venus caster-style Adept. She inherited mysterious powers from the bloodline of her mother, who is also a priestess. Himi is the daughter of Susa and Kushinada, is a seer who possesses powerful Psynergy, and it seems she is able to hear divine messages. She hails from the Izumo area of Weyard.

As a playable characterEdit

Himi is quite an interesting new character. In her base class, Miko, she possesses a Psynergy capable of increasing one Adept's Attack equal to two Impact spells. She is also capable of using light blades, which, unlike Rief, does not restrict her choices of weaponry. However, in her base class, she has very off-balanced stats, specializing in agility, luck, and PP, but lagging behind in attack, defense, and HP. Move her into the Dragoon class series, and all of her stats will inflate, with the exception of her agility, which can lag behind; however, such can be fixed with items that boost agility, like the Zol Ring.

She is the only playable Venus Adept in the series to possess the Thorn Psynergy series and the entire Growth Psynergy series in her default class, but this also means that she is unable to use the powers characteristic of Isaac and Felix such as Gaia Psynergy series and Spire Psynergy series. She also possesses a series unique to her, the Roaring Dragon Psynergy series, which are all three-target Venus powers. The final power in the series, Reigning Dragon, is supremely powerful to the point of being feasible to use in boss battles, and is tied with Thunderhead for the most expensive Psynergy in the Golden Sun series, at 39 PP.

She has the unique utility psynergy Search. It is very similar to the previous games' Reveal, despite its different visual effects. Players can use Search to open certain doors, reveal hidden platforms, items, and even bridges in the world map. A distinct purple light circling an area on the world map or an area in dungeons or towns is an obvious sign for the players to use this pysnergy.

She will join your team at Level 35 after she is selected by the Third Eye item. Susa and Kushinada are reluctant to let her go, especially as they are unsure where their son Takeru is, but she convinces them that there is no choice. Like Ivan, Himi is a character of extremes. She has tremendously high Agility, PP and Luck levels, but all of her other stats are very low; she has the lowest Attack out of any Adept in the series. She makes up for this with her powerful Psynergy.

The Brute class series is replaced with her own personal Curse Mage class series (Curse Mage->Channeler->Puppet Mage->Curse Master->Soul Siphon->Diabolist).

Starting ItemsEdit

Starting DjinnEdit

Venus DjinnEdit

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Statistical ComparisonEdit

In her base class, she is a person of extremes; she has low HP and defense, and has the lowest attack rating out of the entire cast, but has higher PP and agility, along with a psynergy pool that is notably different than some other classes. Compared to Karis and Rief, she is faster and has more PP, but is weaker in terms of strength and durability.

In addition, her stats are almost the opposite to other Venus adepts, like Felix and Matthew; the others usually have well-balanced stats, but Himi has higher PP, agility and luck, at the expense of durability and power.


Yamataikoku was an ancient country in Wa Japan, ruled by a Shaman-Queen known as Himiko. The location of the Yamatai Kingdom, known as the "Yamatai Controversy," is considered by scholars the greatest debate over the ancient history of Japan. This poses Himi as probably being from the Izumo area of Weyard, which is based on Japan.


  • Himi is the first playable female Venus Adept, and like Jenna and Mia, she is the first female playable "mage"-style Adept of her element.

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