A Hiotoko Mask is a rare helmet which holds the unique trait of being the only legitimate item that is usable solely by male Adepts. It gives the user +33 Defense and can be used in battle to unleash Flaming Breath. This item is a rare drop from Little Deaths in Magma Rock (kill it with a Jupiter Djinni to increase the drop rate by 4 times). Being an Artifact, it can be sold and later repurchased. It can be bought for 6600 coins and sold for 4950 coins.

The Hiotoko does not provide any special effects or boosts while equipped. Rather, it is Used as an item by an Adept able to equip it in battle (but it does not actually have to be equipped, needing only be in that Adept's inventory) to emulate the Fire Breath Psynergy present in the Pierrot class series to inflict Mars damage on multiple enemies with a power rating of 85 and a range of 3, delivered with a sharply diminishing damage ratio for the enemies off to the side of the target.

The Hiotoko Mask is very similar to the Otafuku mask in statistics and umimpressive attack, but it is much worse in regards to its usefulness when it can first be acquired, Magma Rock late in the game, whereas the Otafuku Mask's drop location in Izumo Ruins at least provided a little opportunity for its Defense rating to be taken advantage of. This is purely a novelty item, with a Defense rating much lower than what your party can and would most likely be equipped with by Magma Rock.


  • In Japanese, the word "hi" means "fire". "Otoko" is a term used for many male masks in Nou theatre. In other words, this is a mask to indicate a "man of fire".
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