The Ixion Mail is an Armor-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description by Game Edit

The Ixion Mail increases base Defense by 26. In addition, it increases the equipped Adept's Jupiter Resistance and Mercury Resistance by 20 each. It can be bought for 1300 coins and sold for 975 coins.

In The Lost Age, the Ixion Mail is found in a treasure chest in the Alhafran Cave, in an area that can be reached by casting Lash on a nearby rope to come up to a ledge with three chests. It can initially be equipped by Felix and Piers. Later on, Isaac and Garet can also equip the Ixion Mail. In Dark Dawn, the Ixion Mail is found in a treasure chest in the Ouroboros, and can be equipped by MatthewTyrell, and Eoleo.

Analysis Edit

As the Ixion Mail can be found in The Lost Age just after the boss battle with Briggs, it is a valuable find at that point in time. If Felix is already equipped with a Psynergy Armor, however, the Ixion Mail probably is not as valuable for him to wear as Psynergy Armor, which provides a very useful PP boost. However, keep it in your inventory nonetheless, because later in the game, when Piers first joins your party at the Gabomba Statue, this will be an automatic improvement over the Chain Mail he will be wearing. If you plan on buying Plate Mails as soon as you gain access to the Great Eastern Sea, though, this probably will not remain equipped on your party for very long.

When the Ixion Mail is obtained in Dark Dawn, it is highly effective, but it soon faces competition from Psynergy Armor, which can be bought in unlimited quantities in Passaj as soon as the dungeon is cleared. If the Ixion Mail remains in use over Psynergy Armor, it can remain in use on one warrior Adept even as the other equips the Spiked Armor found in the same dungeon, and will probably be preferred on that Adept over the Armored Shell that can be found in the same dungeon, but when better armors such as Steel Armor and Planet Armor become available, the Ixion Mail will be too far behind to be of any real use.

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