A Jeweled Crown is a Crown-class head armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is bought as an artifact at the armor vendor in Lalivero in the first game and the armor vendor at Contigo in the second. As a Crown, it can be equipped by all Adepts. Its buy value is 4000 coins and its sell value is 3000.

The Jeweled Crown increases the wearer's base defense by 35, and it increases base Luck by 5. It is often present on the party by the end of Golden Sun because of both a strong defense rating and a usefully high boost to Luck, but you would have to consider carefully whether to equip this in place of the following headwear: Warrior's Helm, Thunder Crown, Lucky Cap, and Mythril Circlet.

In The Lost Age, though, it's highly likely this will not be as good as what you might be wearing when the Jeweled Crown is first available when the Great Eastern Sea opens up, because it is noticeably inferior to two separate types of headgear winnable in multiples in Lemuria's Lucky Medal Fountain earlier, Minerva Helm and Crown of Glory. The Jeweled Crown from the first game might be equipped on one of the adepts in the first game's party when they join due to Password data transfer, and while it would suffice as a starter piece of gear, clearly superior and easily obtainable alternatives exist to replace it with, like the aforementioned helms.

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