This article is about the element. For the Summon sequence, see Jupiter (summon).

Jupiter is the element of air, and therefore encompasses wind and lightning. It is symbiotic with Mercury, neutral toward Mars, and in conflict with Venus. The characteritics of Jupiter Adepts are curiosity and mental strength.

Adepts of the Jupiter element

Jupiter Adepts are found mainly in Contigo and Garoh. Ivan was born in Contigo, as was his sister, Hama. The city Anemos was located next to Contigo and is believed to have been the home of the Jupiter Clan. Sheba most likely came from Anemos, as Contigans say Anemos floated into the sky and became the moon. Sheba fell from the sky into Lalivero as a small child.

Nyunpa was a monk who had the capability to use Mind Read, a power unique to Jupiter Adepts. He was meditating in Fuchin Temple and it is unknown if he came from Contigo.

The werewolves of Garoh have gained Jupiter psynergy because of exposure to psynergy stone dust from Air's Rock. They mention their ability to use whirlwind. Some, like Maha learn Reveal from the interior of Air's rock at the cost of their ability to take human form.


SummonIconJupiter Jupiter
SummonIconAtalanta Atalanta
SummonIconProcne Procne
SummonIconThor Thor

SummonIconFlora Flora
SummonIconEclipse Eclipse
SummonIconCatastrophe Catastrophe

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