Kaocho is a town in the northeast of the Ei-Jei region in Angara. It is ruled by King Wo. Kaocho is notorious across Ei-Jei for attempting to invade both Passaj and Ayuthay, most likely at the advice of Chalis, a member of the Tuaparang. As the game begins, Kaocho soldiers have been repelled by Passaj, but they currently occupy Ayuthay.

King Wo's attempts at expansion are reminiscent of the late Emporer Ko, who ruled Sana with an iron fist. Upon Emporer Wo's death, civil war broke out, which ended with Unan, a scholar and a peaceful man, being crowned as Emporer Ko's successor. King Wo later attempted to retake Sana, but to no avail, as he was successfully repeled by Unan.

Kaocho is based on Ancient China, with similar architecture, culture and people. Kaocho is also home to many bamboo and rice crops.

The encyclopedia describes Kaocho as follows:

This powerful nation was founded by King Wo, who wages war against Passaj and Ayuthay from its rich palace.


Matthew and his group are granted an audience with King Wo upon entrance to the palace, as Chalis, advisor to King Wo and a member of the Tuaparang, has predicted the arrival of "new Adepts" for some time. Whilst there, Tyrell successfully deduces that Chalis is not from Kaocho and that she has something to do with Blados.

Chalis presents Mathew and his group as tools that King Wo can use so that he may finally obtain the Sol Mask that lies in the Ouroboros, a labyrinth below the Kaocho Palace, as well as tools to assist his army in conquering Ayuthay. After some discussion, King Wo decides that the conquering of Ayuthay is the highest priority and presents them with a signed letter of approval, which the group can utilize to gain access to Ayuthay.

Mathew's group is quick to express their displeasure at this arrangement, infuriating King Wo. He drops the party through a trap door into the Ouroboros, expecting the fall to kill them. Chalis explains to King Wo that despite their refusal to comply, they will prove their worth to him in the end. She also predicts that they will not be able to enter the Ouroboros, and so, will go to Ayuthay as they originally hoped, returning later to retrieve the Sol Mask.

Obviously, the fall did not kill the party. Resting in the first room of the Ouroboros, Mathew's group realize that they are playing into the plans of King Wo and Chalis, but go to Ayuthay nonetheless.

Later on in the story, after the Alchemy Dynamo inside of Luna Tower has been activated causing the Grave Eclipse, Kaocho is inside the Eclipse area. Therefore, the shadow monsters destroy the city and slaughter the people. The citizens of Kaocho manage to save some of their people, mostly children, by leading them to the safety of the palace, which is locked tight at the end of the game. However, the soldiers occupying Ayuthay have no cover whatsoever, and they are all killed, including Kaocho's top generals.



The village's inn service is 32 coins per room.

Shops of Kaocho
Item Class Cost Effect
Broad Sword Broad Sword Long Sword 1000 Attack +40, Unleashes Critical Strike and Berserk Rush
Hunters Sword Hunter's Sword Light Blade 520 Attack +28, Unleashes Gale Force Critical Strike
Heavy Mace Heavy Mace Mace 500 Attack +26, Unleashes Critical Strike and Rolling Attack
Short Bow Long Bow Bow 800 Attack +22, Unleashes Double Shot and Snipe Shot
Item Class Cost Effect
Leather Armor Leather Armor Armor 240 N/A
Travel Robe Travel Robe Robe 200 N/A
Bronze Shield Bronze Shield Shield 500 N/A
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves Gloves 220 N/A
Wooden Cap Wooden Cap Hat 400 N/A
Magic Rod Magic Rod Staff 380 Unleashed Gale Force and Murk
Blessed Ankh Blessed Ankh Staff 1600 Unleashed Berserk Rush and Psyphon Seal
Item Class Cost Effect
Antidote Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom for one Adept
Herb Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept
Potion Potion Consumable Item 1000 Restores all HP
Psy Crystal Psy Crystal Consumable Item 1500 Restores all PP
Water of Life Water of Life Consumable Item 3000 Revives a downed party member



  • Coin 29 Coins: Found in a pot inside the house near the right bridge
  • Elixir Elixir: Found in a pot outside the house near the rice-field
  • China Dress Shanan Dress: Found in the chest you first see when entering Kaocho
  • Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb: Found in a pot left of the armor shop
  • Grandmothers Gift Grandmother's Gift: From the grandma in the upper left corner house
  • Coin 5 Coins: Found in a left drawers inside the upper left corner house
  • Mint Mint: Found in the stove inside the second room from above at the left side of the map
  • Nut Nut: Found in the stove inside the upper right corner house
  • Lucky Pepper Lucky Pepper: Found in a left pot inside the dumpling house.


Within Kaocho you can find two Djinn.

Steel, a Venus Djinni, can be accessed by walking to the right of the town until you come up next to the stairs leading into the palace, use Grip and continue on the path to the Djinni.

GSDD Mars-Djinn-Lava
Lava, a Mars Djinni, can be located beside a house near a man staring at the fish, but he is blocking the lily pad that providea access to th Djinn. After Amiti joins the party the dumpling shop should open, buy one Kaocho Dumpling and give it to the man. He will now let you use the lily pad that leads to Lava.

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