Karis (カリス Karis) is a playable character of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and is one of the game's main characters.

She is a Jupiter Adept, and the daughter of Ivan. She was one of the first three characters revealed in the initial revealing of Dark Dawn, along with Tyrell and Matthew.

As a playable characterEdit

Karis will join Matthew's party at level 1, and her starting equipment will consist of: a Wooden Stick, One-Piece Dress, Padded Gloves, and Leather Cap.

In the 2010 floor demo, she has the Jupiter Djinn Gust and Waft set onto her, and also has the Sleep Psynergy. In terms of battle statistics and equipment, she is derived from Ivan's stats from the original Golden Sun.

Stastical ComparisonEdit

Karis possesses similar statistics to Ivan and Sheba from the previous games: low HP, attack, and defense ratings, along with high PP and agility ratings. However, unlike Ivan and Sheba, Karis is capable of learning healing psynergy in her base class, allowing her psynergy pool to be more useful.



Karis' appearance in the E3 2009 poster.

In contrast to fellow party members Matthew and Tyrell, Matthew of whom greatly resembles his father Isaac and Tyrell resembling his father Garet, Karis's parentage has been much more open for debate. Her green hair and purple eyes cause different fans to assume or speculate different possibilities for her parents, despite in-game dialogue confirming that she is the daughter of Ivan. [1]

Karis is a spirited girl. She prefers to think her actions through before following them, often to Tyrell's frustration, which causes confrontation between the two. However, she can be equally impatient with her plans and forgets that Matthew's the leader of the group, something she often apologizes for. Throughout the game, she develops an unyielding yet understanding personality, and she helps keep the party's emotions under control. Karis has been noted by Blados and Tret to be as smart as her father, Ivan, which makes her blush. A reliable person, she acts as a second to Matthew, speaking for him while following his lead.

In the E3 2010 trailer, she and Matthew are seen at a town watching a Psynergy Vortex pulsating in the vicinity.

Translation of a brief article on Dark Dawn in Japanese-language magazine Jump describes Karis as a Jupiter Adept and a strong-willed and reliable individual.


The name Karis (alt. spelling Caris) is dervied from ancient Greece, meaning "grace, kindness".


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