A Kimono (Kasuri no Kimono/Ikat Kimono in Japan) is a Clothing-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is acquired randomly as a prize from Tolbi's Lucky Medal Spring. Visually, the Kimono resembles a blue tunic.

The Kimono's features are somewhat interesting. It features a defense rating of 25, and it increases the wearer's Mars Resistance by 10 and base Agility by 10 points. It is bought for 2800 coins while its resale value is 2100 coins. As a piece of Clothing, it can be worn by all Adepts.

This armor is one of the many pieces of equipment that can be won at Tolbi's spring and be used to outfit your party, replacing their outdated equipment acquired beforehand with equipment like this. It might come across as the least desirable of the body armor that can be won at that spring - the others being Spirit Armor and Cocktail Dress - mainly because it is not quite as defensive as they are. If acquired, the Kimono would still be a good fit on Garet, normally a slow Adept when he is under the influence of the default Guard Class series, because of the agility boost provided, and it might be a good fit on Mia as well for both the agility and the minor Fire resistance. But the Cocktail Dress and its PP-boosting effect might be better on her regardless, and if you want better defense the Spirit Armor with its full array of elemental resistances is what you would want to aim for. Another armor most likely in your possession at that point, and may be construed as superior to the Kimono, is the Water Jacket, found earlier on in a chest in Kalay, and it has better defense and high resistances to Mars and Mercury as well.

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