A Knight's Greave is a Boot-class armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Despite being fully coded into the game cart, this item is impossible to acquire in-game without utilizing some form of hacking. As a Boot, it can be equipped by all Adepts. Its buy value is 2700 coins and its sell value is 2025.

The Knight's Greave increases the wearer's base defense by 8, and it increases base HP by 5.

The Knight's Greave would have been one approach to a defensively-oriented Boot class item, though it does not seem to be up to par against the Dragon Boots, the boots obtainable in the game that are the best Defense-oriented boots to equip; in addition to having not as much defense, the HP boost of 5 is not large at all, though it is identical to the HP boost of the Mythril Shirt. Whereas the Dragon Boots adds 10 to three separate elemental resistances, which is more substantial from the perspective of the endgame of The Lost Age.

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