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Kolima (コリマ村 Korima Birejji) is a village of lumberjacks located in Angara. It's people were put under a curse that turned them into trees.


Due to demand from the town of Bilibin, the lumberjacks of Kolima had been extensively logging the nearby Kolima Forest. Their quest for lumber even took them to the sacred "holy tree", Tret, who resides deep within the forest (although, due to the logging, the forest is now comprised mainly of stumps and felled logs). This coincides with the eruption of Mt. Aleph, which rains Psynergy Stones across Angara. Many of these stones fall into Tret's branches, granting him the power to curse people, turning them into trees. It also turns his rage into an uncontrollable monster , which promptly curses the people of Kolima, turning them all into trees, so that they will die along with the now mortally wounded forest.

When Isaac's party first enters Kolima, Tret uses his powerful magic to try and turn the heroes into trees like the others. But their Psynergy protects them from this evil spell. Isaac and company vow to put an end to the curse caused by Tret. After defeating him though, Tret realizes he is too drained of power, due to his descent into evil, to revert the curse. It is only after Isaac and the others travel to Imil and meet Mia who helps them through the Mercury Lighthouse that they are able to find a means to save Tret and Kolima's residents. After the party faces off against Saturos, they find that his actions of lighting the Mercury beacon has causes the fountain at the Lighthouse's base to begin to flow with water once again. Quickly, they fill the Empty Bottle (found in Imil) with this liquid, the Hermes' Water, a water with the ability to cure any illness. They head back to Tret and and use the Hermes' Water on him, restoring his strength and allowing him to lift the curse he himself had earlier inflicted, thus saving the citizens of Kolima.


Kolima Vendors

The residents of Kolima live in hollowed out trees.

Kolima's Inn is located in the tall treehouse in the upper left part of the village and costs 8 coins per Adept.

Shops of Kolima
Item Class Cost Effect
Broad Axe Broad Axe Axe 1400 Attack +50
Broad Sword Broad Sword Long Sword 1000 Attack +40
Heavy Mace Heavy Mace Mace 500 Attack +26
Hunters Sword Hunter's Sword Light Blade 520 Attack +28
Item Class Cost Effect
Adepts Clothes Adept's Clothes Clothing 850 Defense +18, PP + 8
Armlet Armlet Bracelet 900 Defense +17
Bronze Shield Bronze Shield Shield 500 Defense +14
Leather Armor Leather Armor Armor 240 Defense +12
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves Gloves 220 Defense +10
Bronze Helm Bronze Helm Helm 600 Defense +14
Wooden Cap Wooden Cap Hat 400 Defense +10
Item Class Cost Effect
Antidote Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom from one Adept
Elixir Elixir Consumable Item 30 Cures Sleep, Stun, and Delusion from one Adept
Herb Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept
Sacred Feather Sacred Feather Consumable Item 70 Temporarily lowers monster encounter rate



  • Coin 7 Coins: Found in the barrel at the top floor of the equipment shop.
  • Apple Apple: Found in the upper left jar among the six jars at the upper right of village.
  • Herb Herb: Found in the jar just to the left of the treehouse with the fenced-in Venus Djinni.
  • Lucky Medal Lucky Medal: Found in the jar at the top floor of the inn.



Granite can be reached by a secret back door in this treehouse.

  • Venus djinn Granite: Visibly fenced in right next to a fenced-in exit. To reach the underground passage that connects to that exit, walk into the back end of the tree house.


Kolima technically has a subplot that starts when you enter Kolima when it is inhabited by trees. The people in the house with the Djinni are hiding a secret. You'll get hints from the home's inhabitants, but you won't find out the truth until Tret is saved and the curse is lifted. Oddly, the way the subplot is phrased does not reveal whether the item in question are the Turtle Boots found in the overworld west of Kolima, the Fur Coat found in Kolima Forest, or even the Djinni in the fenced-in area.

Name OriginEdit

The village, river, and forest is named after the Kolyma region and river in northeastern Russia. Historically, there were lumber camps among the various labor camps established in Kolyma during Joseph Stalin's rule.

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