Kraden's letterKraden's Letter is a Quest Item available in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It's description reads A letter from Briggs to Kraden. It is aquired when Matthew's party first enters Border Town and he is confronted by two pirates who work under Briggs. The pirates tell Matthew and his companions that they have a letter they wish for Kraden to see regarding the capture and rescue of Brigg's son Eoleo. Even though Matthew's party is initially reluctant to help Eoleo and tell the two pirates so, they do not try and force them, only to consider it.

The letter can be read at any time providing it stays in the inventory, and it reads as:

"Dear Mr Kraden,

I bet you're surprised to get this letter. I'm surprised I'm writing it. I don't have a lot of time, so I'll make this short and to the point. I need your help. My son was captured in Morgal. They're planning to execute him by boiling at the next full moon. I heard Jenna's and everybody's kids are running around Ei-Jei. Please get them to help. I wouldn't be asking, but he's my son and I'm desperate.


Kraden's Letter can be sold for 3 coins and can be later bought back for 5.

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