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Kyle (ドリ- Dolly) is the father of Isaac and husband of Dora. He himself is a Venus Adept like his son.

In Golden Sun Edit

Kyle appears briefly in Vale at the beginning of the story. He is first seen urging Isaac and Dora to hurry out of their house while the Mt. Aleph Boulder is falling. Once the family is outside, he and Dora leave Isaac alone, telling him to go to the plaza as they go to help out other villagers. He is next seen at Jenna's house, trying to rescue Felix from the water. When Mt. Aleph's boulder falls, it crashes upon this house and Kyle is presumed dead. Kyle is presumed to be an Earth adept like his son Isaac.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age Edit

After lighting the beacon of Jupiter Lighthouse, it is revealed that Kyle is in fact still alive. It turns out he was saved by Saturos and Menardi after the storm three years ago, along with everyone else that was presumed lost to the boulder. He was well cared for, although held captive, in Prox, along with Felix and Jenna's parents, effectively being used as a hostage to secure Felix's help, knowing that the Venus Adept would be needed to light Venus Lighthouse.


Kyle and Isaac embrace Dora after she is revealed to be alive and well.

After three years, Kyle meets his son Isaac at the top of the Mars Lighthouse, joined with the parents of Felix and Jenna in the form of the Doom Dragon, and forced to battle Felix and Isaac's party. When the fight is over and the dragon defeated, the painful truth reveals itself, although Isaac claims that he knew who he was fighting as soon as he raised his sword against the Wise One's dragon.

Fortunately, when the lighthouse is lit, Kyle, along with Felix and Jenna's parents, is revived thanks to the enormous wave of Psynergy unleashed by the beacon, allowing his safe return to Vale. Upon arrival at his hometown, the party is dismayed to find that Vale, along with everything in the area, was destroyed by the formation of The Golden Sun. This dismay is short-lived, as it was atop the lighthouse, when it is revealed that everyone was saved by the Wise One, and finally Dora, Isaac and Kyle are reunited once again.

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