Laurel, partner to Tret, is one of two Waelda that reside in Kolima Forest.

Laurel (レント Lent) is a Waelda tribeswoman, along with Tret. She and Tret are guardians and a lord of Kolima Forest. She is a kindred soul who gains a Psynergy-based power of far sight when the eruption of Mt. Aleph causes Psynergy Stones to land in her branches. She appears as an NPC physically located a short distance away from Tret near the center of the forest. When the falling Psynergy Stones landed on her branches, her heart sank and she became very depressed. The reason for this was simple, the falling gems magnified her (and Tret's) emotions many times over. The effect on Tret was to launch him into an uncontrollable rage, which he directed at the lumberjacks of Kolima, while with Laurel it was to magnify her sadness at the loss of her younger kin (ie: the normal trees that had been felled for their timber).

After Isaac's party defeats the enraged Tret and the heals the kind Tret, Laurel returns to normal and uses her powers to direct the party southwards, warning them of an evil forest that had sprouted up along their route.

Golden Sun: Dark DawnEdit


Laurel as she appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

She along side Tret appears as NPC in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. When Briggs asks Matthew for help to save his son Eoleo from Belinsk he told them about a sage who lives in Kolima after the gang save the problems in the town. A Venus Djinn, named Pewter, appears and instructs them to go to the forest and find Laurel. After the Djinn guides them through the forest they find Laurel who informs them about the Imperial Roc and about Belinsk defenses. When the name Isaac is mentioned, Tret wakes up with joy. After that, Laurel warns them about the the alchemy machine and to not activate it (this set up the events of the Dark Dawn).

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

"This member of the Waelda tribe is one of the guardians of the Kolima Forest, along with Tret.

Her emissary, Pewter, has some trouble remembering his manners."


Laurel fits in perfectly; it is a group of trees under the genus Laurus. Although there are a couple of other plants called Laurels, those are not real Laurels, since have a different genus.

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