A Leather Armlet is the first Bracelet-class arm equipment available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is sold in armor vendors at Vault, Bilibin, and Imil in Golden Sun and at Madra, Alhafra, and Garoh in The Lost Age. This bracelet can be equipped on all mage-style Adepts in both games, namely Ivan and Mia in the first game, together with Jenna and Sheba in the second, and is in fact initial equipment of Ivan in the first game and Sheba in the second. It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 7 points. Its buy value is 180 coins and its sell value is 135 coins.

In Golden Sun when the Leather Armlet is first buyable in Vault, you wouldn't ever actually buy one because Ivan joins your party with a Leather Armlet equipped on him already. Which is good, because it is the best hand armor for Ivan until you reach Bilibin, where you might decide to buy slightly stronger Leather Gloves for him. And if you decide not to buy Leather Gloves due to money constraints, then the Leather Armlet will last Ivan all the way until Kolima is restored and the far stronger Armlets can be bought for both Ivan and Mia.

In The Lost Age, Sheba starts out the game with a Leather Armlet, which will last her a while, but Jenna starts out with weaker Padded Gloves. So by the time the party first enters Madra relatively early in the game, you may decide to increase her Defense rating by a few points by replacing her gloves with a Leather Armlet, but that might not last long at all because as soon as you cross into Osenia a short ways afterward, the town Mikasalla can be entered, and at its general vendor the much stronger Armlets can again be bought to safely replace Jenna and Sheba's current equipment.

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