Leather Gloves are a piece of Glove-class arm equipment available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is sold in armor vendors at Bilibin, Imil, and Kolima in Golden Sun and at Alhafra and Garoh in The Lost Age. These gloves can be equipped on all Adepts in both games, and is in fact initial equipment of Mia in the first game. It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 10 points. Its buy value is 220 coins and its sell value is 165 coins.

In Golden Sun, Leather Gloves can first be bought in Bilibin along with a host of other far stronger and more expensive equipment such as Bronze Shields. There are several reasons why you would not want to buy Leather Gloves: Unless you are battling obsessively for coins and EXP, you don't have hordes of money to spare, and the Leather Gloves only increase Defense by a few points for Adepts equipped with Wooden Shields and a Leather Armlet while the Bronze Shield would offer more significant defense boosts. It would be financially sound to wait until you can get for Ivan and Mia (who incidentally joins your party with Leather Gloves equipped) much stronger Armlets later on after Kolima is restored.

In The Lost Age, Leather Gloves can first be bought in Alhafra, but stronger Armlets for Jenna and Sheba can be bought in Mikasalla beforehand, and the very strong Shield artifact Fujin Shield can be found in a chest in the Air's Rock dungeon in the area and equipped on Felix, so Leather Gloves are ultimately not so useful if these other things are taken advantage of.

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