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Introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, these weapons can only be equipped to Sveta. There are two categories: Knuckles and Claws.



BrassKnucklesIconDDBrass Knuckles: Sveta's default weapon. Increases attack by 85. Unleashes Brutal Strike and Steel Swarm.

Spiked Knuckles: Increases attack by 109. Unleashes Force Off and Galactic Blow.

Beast Knuckles: Increases attack by 120. Unleashes Galactic Blow and Savage Raptor.

Umbra Knuckles: Increases attack by 160. Unleashes Savage Raptor, Feral Rush, and Shadow Cannon.

Anpsi Knuckles: Increases attack by 165. Unleashes Force Cannon, Feral Rush, and Satellite Crash.


Iron Claw: Increases attack by 105. Unleashes Wind Blade and Spin Slice.

Berserker Claw: Increases attack by 150. Unleashes Wind Blade and Rising Light.

Mythril Claw: Increases attack by 160. Unleashes Endless Edges and Dimension Rift.

Bloody Claw: Increases attack by 194. This weapon is cursed. Unleashes Endless Edges, Foul Saw, and Crimson Cut.

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