A list of all key items classified as Rare items. Also see the list of Important items. The three Class-changing items, Mysterious Card, Trainer's Whip, and Tomegathericon are all also categorized by the game as Rare items. The primary difference between a Rare item and an Important item is that rare items can be sold, and the more important rare items in general are counted as Artifacts that mean they can be bought back at a later date.

Rare items in Golden SunEdit

Empty Bottle Empty Bottle: "Extracts water from a magic spring": Found in a chest in Imil. When used at the well at the entrance of Mercury Lighthouse, it is replaced by the Hermes' Water item. It returns if an Adept uses the Hermes' Water.

Water of Hermes Hermes' Water: "Replenishes all HP": Has the exact same effect as a Potion. When used it reverts back to the Empty Bottle. It can be refilled unlimited times.

Cell Key Cell Key: "The key to the cells in Lunpa Fortress": An item that causes any cell door in Lunpa Fortress to open up, except for the cell door in which Dodonpa is confined in after the completion of the Lunpa Fortress side quest.

Rare items in Golden Sun: The Lost AgeEdit

All the key items in the first game return either officially or, more commonly, inaccessible but coded for the sake of preventing glitches.

Large Bread Large Bread: "Nourishing bread that fights hunger": Findable in a small storage room in the sailing ship while it is docked at Alhafra. Give it to a hungry kid in town and the boy's father, guarding the northwestern entrance to Alhafran Cave, will allow you to explore it.

Laughing Fungus Laughing Fungus: "A rare and suspicious mushroom": Found in Gondowan Cliffs. It does not have any ultimate use other than to sell for 525 coins.

Healing Fungus Healing Fungus: "A rare and delicious mushroom": Found in Gondowan Cliffs. Give this to an old couple in Madra to get a Mars Djinni in return.

Ruin Key Ruin Key: "A key found in the ruins under Madra": Found in Madra Catacombs, it allows access into a sealed room containing the Moloch summon tablet.

Sea Gods Tear Sea God's Tear: "A jewel from the sea god's eye": Found in Daila's sanctum, it is used in the Shrine of the Sea God dungeon to help you eventually reach the trident prong the dungeon contains.

Dancing Idol Dancing Idol: "A sacred idol of unknown power": Found on the top of Gaia Rock and is used to solve puzzles within the rock's interior. Later, give it to Lady Uzume in Izumo to get a Mars Djinni.

Pretty Stone Pretty Stone: "A shining stone": Received from Pengus after moving Pengulina across a pond in E Tundaria Islet. Give it to the bird at SE Angara Islet to get the Red Cloth.

Red Cloth Red Cloth: "A fancy red scarf": Received from the bird at SE Angara Islet after giving it the Pretty Stone. Give it to the cow at N Osenia Islet to get the Milk.

Milk Milk: "Nutritious, delicious fresh milk": Received from the cow at N Osenia Islet after giving it the Red Cloth. Give it to the dog at West Indra Islet to get the Lil' Turtle.

Lil Turtle Lil' Turtle: "A turtle who's far from home": Received from the dog at West Indra Islet after giving it the Milk. Give it to Lonesome George the turtle at Sea of Time Islet to get the ability to enter and exit the secret Islet Cave dungeon.

Magma Ball Magma Ball: "A glowing, red ball of volcanic rock": Found in the further reaches of Magma Rock. Use on the Cannon in Loho to get the cannon installed onto your ship, and this allows you to cross into the Northern Reaches near the end of the game.

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