A Long Sword is the first Long Sword-class weapon available in all games. In all games, it is bought in the earliest towns the player's newly formed party can enter and explore; namely, the towns Vale, Vault, and Bilibin in Golden Sun, the towns Daila, Madra, and Alhafra in The Lost Age, and Patcher's Place, Carver's Camp, and Harapa in Dark Dawn.

Basic DescriptionEdit

Being a Long Sword-class weapon, an individual Long Sword can be equipped on Isaac, Garet, Felix, and Piers. It increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 14 points. Its buy value is 200 coins and its sell value is 150 coins.

In the first two games, the Long Sword had no unleashes whatsoever. In Dark Dawn, however, it gains two unleashes: Critical Strike, and Spin Strike. Critical Strike is a non-elemental unleash that multiplies damage done by 1.5. Spin Strike is a Jupiter-based unleash that does no additional damage, but hits every adjacent foe.


In Golden Sun after the prologue sequences, the player begins in present-day Vale with a level-1 party of Isaac and Garet each holding a Short Sword and Jenna as a guest character holding a Wooden Stick, and 307 coins in your inventory. The Long Sword is the strongest weapon available in the weapon shop at the town, and it is quite sound to buy one for one of your party members and spend the rest of the money on defensive equipment. As an alternative, if you sell one of your equipped Short Swords and your Wooden Stick to have 427 coins, you can buy two Long Swords for Isaac and Garet, and give Jenna the remaining Short Sword, which is an equipment setup that emphasizes attacking enemies in the upcoming Sol Sanctum dungeon over defending against the damage of their attacks. After Vale, the Long Sword will likely remain in your party's inventory until arriving at Bilibin.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the Long Sword serves much the same role as a shop item in the first town of Daila. However, much of the game's focus is on completing puzzles in the dungeon-style locations that provide as rewards weapon artifacts far superior to commonly bought weapons and even weapon artifacts that can normally be bought in vendors, so at the beginning of the game you're much better off using the 200 coins you start out with on defensive equipment than any weapon, even a long sword.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it is a very powerful weapon early on for both Matthew and Tyrell early on, if you can afford it. It serves as a powerful placeholder weapon until either one of them gets his hands on Themis' Axe, found in a chest in Goma Highlands Road, or the Battle Axe in Carver's Camp. Spending money on gear instead of weaponry might be a better idea, but it is your choice on whether or not you want to buy and use the sword.

LongSwordIconDD Long Sword (DD)
Trade values
Item class Long Sword
Buy value 200
Sell value 150
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 14
First unleash effect
Effect name Critical Strike
Unleash rate  ?
Extra damage x1.5
Second unleash effect
Effect name Spin Strike
Unleash rate  ?
Extra damage Star jupiter 0
Side effect Hits every adjacent foe

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