The Lookout Cabin (見張り小屋 Lookout Cabin) is the starting point of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Situated at the upheaved Goma Plateau northeast of Patcher's Place and south of Mount Aleph, it is a single, multi-story structure that was built by Isaac, with a large telescope grafted onto it, so that he and Garet could monitor Mount Aleph from afar.

Story Edit

Lookout Cabin serves as a home for Isaac and Garet, as well as their respective sons, Matthew and TyrellIvan's daughter, Karis, visits the cabin often. The location allows Isaac and Garet to monitor Mount Aleph, as the mountain is inaccessible by land due to the changes caused by the Golden Sun event. At the beginning of the game, Matthew and Isaac have just returned from a journey when Tyrell steals the Soarwing that Karis had brought to Isaac and Garet. The Soarwing would allow Isaac and Garet to fly to Mount Aleph via Psynergy so that they could study it up close, and thus it was considered extremely important. When Tyrell discovers that he lacks the power to properly fly the Soarwing, Isaac tells him to land at the nearby Abandoned Mine, where he and the others will rescue him.

After rescuing Tyrell, the group returns to the Cabin with the Soarwing, which was damaged during Tyrell's landing. There, Isaac makes plans for Matthew and Tyrell to begin a quest for a Mountain Roc feather, which will be necessary for repairs. Karis decides to accompany the boys, and the three make plans to leave immediately.

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