"Negotiate a temporary cease-fire."

Lull when used in battle.

Jupiter djinn Lull is a Jupiter Djinni found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and is numerically the seventeenth Jupiter Djinni in the games' official Djinni ordering and thus the tenth numbered Jupiter Djinni of The Lost Age.



Lull is easily accessed after using the Magma Ball and gaining the cannon.

Lull is present on one of the stone rooftops in Loho. It can only be accessible very late in The Lost Age because you need the Magma Ball collected at the end of the Magma Rock dungeon, which is itself only accessible after Isaac's party joins Felix's late in the game. When you have the Magma Ball, simply use it while standing behind the pointed cannon at the east end of town; after the wall it is pointed toward is removed and a cutscene transpires where the cannon is installed onto your ship, simply climb up the vine and go to the lower left, and hop onto where Lull is to collect it.

In Dark Dawn, Lull can be found at the Otka Sea Island, right in front of the door with the sun seal on it. Although the Sol Blade is needed to open the door, it is not needed to collect Lull. However, Lull must be defeated in battle before it will join.


When Set, it increases base HP by 11 and base PP by 6.

When Lull's battle effect is used, a holographic effect of a Jupiter Djinni floats above the battlefield and projects an elaborate, swirling ring-shaped array of musical note images. The turn immediately ends; while all battle commands executed prior to Lull's usage this turn are unaffected, all of the battle commands that would have followed Lull's usage otherwise simply do not happen.

Ability analysisEdit

Lull's unique ability comes across as overly complex to be useful for portions of the player-base because it takes a lot of thought and party organization to make use of Lull's effect meaningfully. But such usages exist; easily the greatest use of Lull is for all four currently battling party members to have a higher agility rating than whatever boss or big enemy is being fought, and for the Adept among them who has Lull Set onto him/her to have the lowest of these agility ratings. After the other three party members attack the boss quickly and safely, Lull is used so that the boss will be prevented from doing absolutely anything this turn. This can work wonders on the optional boss Dullahan in particular; as this YouTube video demonstrates, properly timed usage of Lull allows for the most powerful and deadly optional boss of the series to be able to be defeated in two turns without the boss being able to execute a single battle command.

Learn to use Lull properly, and he will become your best friend for ridding yourself of those pesky end-game bosses, eventually you'll likely find yourself designating one party member to being a "luller" for every boss fight. This player will generally be your slowest character (piers in lost age works great for this purpose). Typically, a luller will continuously cast lull, and then set him without releasing, effectively allowing your other three characters two turns in a row against any given boss, before the boss gets to move. This can be quite a rigged and game changing experience, once you've tried it.

In Dark Dawn, Lull can be even more useful, especially when fighting the Chaos Chimera. If the player is maintaining the mono-elemental classes, Lull is best given to Sveta, since she has lower agility than Karis, the other Wind Adept.

Name OriginEdit

A lull is a short rest, most likely why this Djinni causes a cease-fire.

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