A Magical Cassock is a Robe-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It can be bought as an artifact at the armor vendor in Lalivero in the first game and at the vendor at Shaman Village in the second. Its buy value is 9000 coins and its sell value is 6750. As a robe, it can be equipped by the mage-style Adepts Ivan, Mia, Jenna, and Sheba.

The Magical Cassock increases base Defense by 39, and adds 2 to the Adept's PP-recovery rating.

As a buyable armor artifact available at the last town of Golden Sun, it would certainly have the potential to be a good purchase if at least one of your caster Adepts is not equipped with something as strong as the Blessed Robe or the Ninja Garb, but in the case that Ivan and Mia are currently equipped with these when they first arrive at Lalivero, consider its purchase carefully. Its very low PP-regeneration rate is perhaps best stacked with that of an item with its own PP-regeneration rate like the Mythril Circlet so that the equipped Adept gets a more substantial PP-recovery boost. It would become outperformed by the robes Oracle's Robe and Feathered Robe by the end of the game.

In The Lost Age, when it becomes available once the Great Western Sea opens up, it has far less opportunity to be a good purchase, one of the specific reasons of which being that you would likely have found the Muni Robe in an earlier dungeon, and there are plenty of good clothes and robes coming up.

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