This article is about the element. For the Summon sequence, see Mars (summon).

The symbol of Mars, the dragon.

Mars is the element of fire, and therefore encompasses fire, heat, and lava. Mars is symbiotic with Venus, neutral toward Jupiter, and in conflict with Mercury. The characteritics of Mars Adepts is strength and selflessness.

Adepts of the Mars element

Mars Adepts are found mainly in Prox and Vale, though they also appear occasionally in Kibombo. They tend to be hot-headed and to act without thinking. This may be mistakenly characterized as stupidity in some, especially Garet.

Mars SummonsEdit

SummonIconMars Mars
SummonIconKirin Kirin
SummonIconTiamat Tiamat
SummonIconMeteor Meteor

SummonIconMegaera Megaera
SummonIconUlysses Ulysses
SummonIconDaedalus Daedalus
SummonIconIris Iris

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