A Master Rapier is a Light Blade-class weapon available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In the first game it is bought in the towns Tolbi, Lunpa, and Lalivero, and in the second game it is bought in the towns Champa and Contigo. Being a Light Blade-class weapon, a Master Rapier can be equipped on Isaac, Garet, and Ivan in the first game, together with Felix, Jenna, and Piers in the second. It increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 86 points. Its buy value is 6800 coins and its sell value is 5100 coins. If

In Golden Sun when it can be first bought in Tolbi, it is generally not a worthy purchase because you can find many better weapons in Tolbi by playing the Lucky Spring minigame with your Lucky Medals, such as the Assassin Blade, which has an even higher attack rating and an Unleash effect that may instantly kill an enemy. Other weapon artifacts that you can get in place of Master Rapiers are Burning Axes and Grievous Maces from the same spring, and if you explored the first few levels of the Crossbone Isle dungeon during your trip on the Tolbi-bound Ship, you may have the Mystery Blade on you as well.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, much of the game's focus is on completing puzzles in the dungeon-style locations that provide as rewards weapon artifacts far superior to commonly bought weapons and even weapon artifacts that can normally be bought in vendors. When you first gain the Lemurian Ship and can sail the Great Eastern Sea, the Master Rapiers you can buy at the town Champa do indeed have a somewhat higher physical attack rating than the weapon artifacts you may have amassed at that point such as the Disk Axe, but considering the frequency of how you can get newer and stronger weapon artifacts while journeying throughout the Great Eastern Sea and its many locales, you might as well not bother with Master Rapiers. In point of fact, the Ninja Blade light blade Artifact you can buy at the town Izumo which becomes available to you at the same time as Champa is a far better weapon.

Note that if this game is being played without any data transfer or with a Password that's either Bronze or Silver-level, when Isaac's party joins Felix Ivan will be equipped with a Master Rapier, which is of course far inferior to the equipment Felix's party will surely have amassed by that point.

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