Matthew (ムート Mut) is the main playable character of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is the son of Isaac and Jenna[1] and the nephew of Felix.

Like his father and uncle, he is a Venus Adept. He was one of the first three characters revealed in the initial revealing of Dark Dawn, alongside his friends Karis and Tyrell. He shares a striking resemblance to his father Isaac in his younger days. Like his father, Matthew is a very strong Earth Adept.

As a playable characterEdit

Matthew is the main playable character throughout Dark Dawn, and like his father during the events of the first game, serves as a "silent protagonist," giving the feel that he is the player.

Like Isaac and Felix did in the first two games, Matthew is the character that initiates conversations with NPCs outside of cutscenes, and is the one that appears to cast all overworld Psynergy, even if the Psynergy belongs to another party member.

Even though he has next to no dialogue, (his only lines consist of punctuation marks, with one censored curse added in to the English translation) it is implied in multiple cases that he does in fact talk, and his absence of dialogue merely helps the player see the game from his perspective by leaving his personality ambiguous. This way, the player can impose their own personality on Matthew. The introduction of Emotion Icons in Dark Dawn further aids this role playing, as they allow the player to choose Matthew's reaction to certain events. It's never implied that he says anything that truly upsets anyone though, so not all personalities can fit him.

When the player gains control over Matthew, he has 5 Herbs. He immediately receives a Leather Cap from Karis, and obtains a Short Sword, a Cotton Shirt, and Padded Gloves from chests in his home.

In the battle mode at the E3 2010 floor demo, Matthew has the Venus Djinn Flint and Steel set onto him, and his Psynergy consists of Ragnarok, Quake and Earthquake, Spire, Cure and Cure Well, and Growth.

Like his father Isaac and his uncle Felix, he can wield the Sol Blade. In fact, he is the only character in Dark Dawn that can wield it.

Statistical ComparisonEdit

Matthew is almost statistically identical to Isaac from the first two Golden Sun games. They both have average stats all around, not including high attack and agility ratings, and low PP. His default class series is the Squire class series. And unlike in previous games, he as the main character knows Growth without the help from Djinn.

In comparison to the game's second Venus Adept Himi, Matthew is the opposite. He is combat-oriented, while Himi is a mage-type adept. Matthew has much higher attack power and HP than her, but much less PP and less agility.



Matthew's appearance in the E3 2009 poster.

As the son of the previous games' Isaac and Jenna, he looks very identical to his father when Isaac was 16, and wears the same yellow scarf as his father, which was apparently passed down to him.

When meeting Briggs, he comments that Matthew has inherited Jenna's spirit and her eyes. When Himi joins the party and you visit Uzume's tomb in Yamata, using Spirit Sense on the Dancing Idol will cause Uzume to recognize Matthew as Jenna's son.

In the E3 2010 trailer, he and Karis are at a town watching a Psynergy Vortex pulsating next to them, and screenshots show a 47 year old Isaac speaking to Matthew.

In one scene at a floor demo in E3 2010, a Mercury Djinni addresses Matthew as "a Warrior of Vale," which carries interesting implications, as Vale had been annihilated at the end of The Lost Age thirty years before.

Translation of a brief article on Dark Dawn in Japanese-language magazine Jump describes Matthew as a Venus Adept, the protagonist of the story, and a trained warrior. Tyrell is his close friend.


In Christianity, Saint Matthew, originally a tax collector, was one of the twelve apostles appointed by Jesus.

His Japanese name, Mut, is directly derived from the German word "Mut", which means courage.


  • Apparently, Matthew likes Sweet and Sour Pork, although this is based on his reaction from seeing it on a stove in Kaocho.
  • Matthew's hair has a surprising shape resemblence to that of Blue/Gary from Pokemon.
  • Although Matthew is technically a silent protagonist, he does have a line of dialogue. When Arcanus appears at the Apollo Sanctum, Matthew swears in frustration. However, the actual word he says is censored with symbols.
  • In the shipyards in Port Rago, Briggs states that he has his mother's eyes. Oddly, he doesn't. Jenna has reddish eyes and Matthew's are a greyish blue color. (Though, this could very well be referring to the shape of Matthew's eyes which is the same as Jenna's.)
  • Matthew is the only playable Venus adept that can learn the Growth psynergy series normally without help from a Djinn. (Quite possibly, this may be because his mother is a Mars adept as in the original two games, the earth adepts had to be equipped with Mars Djinn in order to learn Growth.)
  • One of his poses on the promotional magazine art is also used as the pixel art for Isaac in SSF2, with the one on the left.
  • His sprites share a remarkable similarity to those of his father; when holding a Light Blade class weapon, he holds it towards his body just as his father did in the first two games, though Isaac's sprite never changed its pose based on the weapon.
  • It is speculated that the scarf Mathew wears is the same that Isaac wore in the first two games, though this would definitely warrant a page on the scarf were this true.

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