A Mirrored Shield is a Shield-class hand armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is bought as an artifact at the armor vendor in Lalivero in the first game and the armor vendor at Contigo in the second. As a Shield, it can be equipped by the warrior Adepts, Isaac, Garet, Felix, and Piers. Its buy value is 5200 coins and its sell value is 3900, its sell value while broken is 2600, and its repair value is 1300.

The Mirrored Shield increases the wearer's base defense by 39. In addition, it can be Used as an item during battle by an Adept who is able to equip it (but it does not necessarily have to be actually equipped) to emulate the Delude Psynergy to attempt to inflict the Delusion status condition to up to three enemies.

While it may have the highest Defense of all hand equipment in the first Golden Sun, it having just a Use effect - with that being an attempt at inflicting the unimpressive Delusion status condition on enemies - makes it only noteworthy for its Defense, and as it is, the shield is just barely one of the two best pieces of hand-armor for the warrior Adepts Isaac and Garet to be wearing, with the other being the War Gloves.

In The Lost Age, when it becomes available in Contigo as soon as the Great Western Sea can be sailed, though, the Aegis Shield you can get multiples of with Lucky Medals in Lemuria earlier are much better than it because they have two more Defense points and a very useful 10% increase to the equipped Adept's chance to Unleash with his weapon. It should not be hard to find an improvement to replace the Mirrored Shield with if Isaac's party joins Felix's with the first game's Mirrored Shield equipped due to Password data transfer.

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