The Muni Robe is a Robe-class armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in a treasure chest in Ankohl Ruins. Being a Robe, it can be equipped by Jenna, Ivan, Sheba, and Mia. Its buy value is 6300 coins and its sell value is 4725.

The Muni Robe increases the wearer's defense by 39. More importantly, the wearer recovers 10 HP at the end of each turn.

The Muni Robe is valuable for being a direct improvement over the Blessed Robe which may already be equipped on your party by the time you find it. You may decide to equip it in place of the Blessed Robe, or you may give it to the Adept that is not wearing any HP-restoring robe of their own.

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