Mystic Draught The Mystic Draught is an item in Golden Sun. These draughts slow the aging process in the people who drink them, greatly extending their lifespans. These draughts were once created in Lemuria as a means of keeping Lemurians young while traveling Weyard, and apparently they were bottled from the waters at Lemuria Spring. However, production was halted when Babi stole all of the remaining bottled draught and fled Lemuria. Thanks to the draught, Babi remained alive for the next 100 years. Unfortunately for Babi, his supply of the magical draught began to diminish. He began searching for Lemuria in hopes of obtaining more of the draught, which ultimately led to the construction of Babi Lighthouse. During the events of Golden Sun, Babi collapses in Altmiller Cave, where he stores his draught, and asks Isaac and his companions to retrieve the draught for him. At the end of Golden Sun, Isaac and co. take Babi's Lemurian Ship in hopes of traveling to Lemuria to obtain more draught. It is likely that they made an attempt to reach Lemuria, but were unsuccessful in navigating the fog surrounding it. As a result, Babi passed away not long after.

In the events of Golden Sun, Babi's Mystic Draught is kept on a table behind hidden door in Altmiller Cave. There are five rocks lined up which the player must rotate. Each rock represents a colour (Blue, green, white, yellow and red) and depending on what colour is indicated on the wall, the player must turn the rock of the corrosponding colour. This will then activate and reveal the hidden door where the Mystic Draught is kept.

In Chinese Alchemy the ultimate goal was to create an elixir of immortality (instead of the Philosopher's Stone of western Alchemy)

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