The Mythril Circlet is a Circlet-class head armor found in Golden Sun. It is found in a chest in a locked room in Lunpa Fortress, behind a locked door that can be opened with the Cell Key, but the first time you pass by this door you will not have found the Cell Key yet, so you must remember to backtrack once you get it. As a Circlet, it can be equipped by Ivan, Mia, Jenna, and Sheba. Its buy value is 7000 coins and its sell value is 5250.

The Mythril Circlet increases the wearer's base defense by 34, and it increases PP recovery by 3. This makes it at least on par with the Jeweled Crown and Lucky Cap as the best head items for Ivan and Mia to wear at the end of Golden Sun, so which ones to choose may be a matter of personal taste. The Mythril Circlet has about the same Defense rating as the Jeweled Crown, and has the more direct benefit of PP regeneration as opposed to an increased Luck stat that lowers the chances the equipped Adept will be afflicted by Status conditions, which are points to consider in your decision.

Should your party from Golden Sun be transferred into The Lost Age with this equipped, however, it will instantly count as an inferior item, due to how the Crown of Glory, which can be earned in multiples with Lucky Medals earlier in Lemuria, has 6 more Defense, 5 more PP regeneration per turn, and can be equipped by any Adept. Replace this with a Crown of Glory posthaste.

The ultimate upgrade to the Mythril Circlet is arguably the Psychic Circlet, which is made from Mythril Silver and adds 5 Defense and 9 more PP regeneration. Perhaps the Psychic Circlet is meant to be a purer form of the Mythril Circlet, as it is much more potent in its powers.

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