The Ninja Garb is a Clothing-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is found in a treasure chest on the fifth floor of Crossbone Isle. It is at the end of a water-and-dam puzzle similar to the one in Kolima Forest.

The Ninja Garb increases base Defense by 36, base Agility by 30, and Jupiter Resistance by 10. Its buy value is 6900 coins and its sell value is 5175 coins.

The Ninja Garb, as a Clothing-class item, is wearable by all eight Adepts. Its best characteristic is its high increase of agility. This increase, which is the same as the Feathered Robe, is the second highest in the original game, surpassed by only the Elven Shirt. For Mia and Ivan; however, the Feathered Robe easily outclasses the ninja garb by having a better defensive increase, the same agility increase, a higher wind resistance increase, and the added benefit of additional Jupiter power. For Isaac and Garet there may be other armor-class items that give higher defense or other additional affects that the player may find desirable. If you are looking for an increase in agility for Isaac and Garet, then this is the way to go.

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