The Ninja Sandals are Boots that are coded into Golden Sun: The Lost Age; however, they are not available by any means. They can only be accessed by hacking the game, such as using an Action Replay or using a password created to include them in the original party's inventory. As Boots they would have been equip-able by all of the adepts.

The Ninja Sandals increase Defense by 5 and increase the chance that a weapon will Unleash by 15%, making them an improved version of the Hyper Boots which add 4 to the base defense and 12% to the unleash percentage. Interestingly the Ninja Sandals buy value is 2000 and sell value is 1500 which is less than the Hyper Boots's 2400 and 1800 respectively. It is possible that originally the idea was to have 3 new Boots, the other two being the Knight's Greave and the Silver Greave, being prizes at the slot machines but in the end they decided to re-use the same prizes as in Tolbi.

Interestingly, if the Ninja Sandals had been part of The Lost Age's normal gameplay, then it would have been possible to get the unleash rate of any weapon, including the Sol Blade, to above 100%. The natural unleash rate of almost all weapons such as the Sol Blade is 35%, and when combined with the Valkyrie Mail's additional 20%, Riot Gloves' additional 20%, a Mythril Helm's additional 12%, and the additional 15% of the Ninja Sandals, then the unleash rate would become 102%, meaning the Sol Blade always unleashes Megiddo whenever you attack with it. As it stands, without the Ninja Sandals, only the Hyper Boots and the 12% Unleash Rate boost it provides can be used in its place, which in this case helps achieve the maximum possible Unleash rate of most weapons, at 99%. Of course, that figure is practically 100% of the time anyway, so the chance of Sol Blade not Unleashing Megiddo one particular turn in a given battle is one out of 100. However, with this boost it may be worth while to replace the Mythril Helm with the Warrior's Helm for the extra Venus power while still maintaining a 100% unleash rate. They are legally obtainable in Golden Sun Dark Dawn, as a series of trades with an old woman in Kaocho and her granddaughter in Sanna.

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