An Otafuku Mask is a rare helmet that can only be worn by female Adepts. It gives +31 Defense and can be used in battle to unleash Aqua Breath. It is a rare drop from Gressil in the Izumo Ruins (kill it with a Jupiter Djinni to increase the drop rate by 4 times). Being an Artifact, it can be sold and later repurchased. It can be bought for 3900 coins and sold for 2925 coins.

The Otafuku Mask does not provide any special effects or boosts while equipped. Rather, it is Used as an item by an Adept able to equip it in battle (but it does not actually have to be equipped, needing only be in that Adept's inventory) to emulate the Water Breath monster skill found on Lizard Fighters and the Hydros Statue for Mercury damage against multiple enemies, dealt with a power rating of 50 and a range of 3.

While a collectible novelty item, its Use effect is too weak to be of use. To put it in perspective, the Glacier Psynergy has exactly double the base power, as well as a better diminishing ratio that makes the enemies off to the side of the target take more of the spell's damage. Therefore, the only measure of its usefulness is its Defense rating, which might be high enough to suffice as a defensive upgrade to either Jenna or Sheba for a period of time, though forgeable items Astral Circlet and Floating Hat stronger pieces.

Cultural allusionsEdit

The Otafuku is a style of mask used in Nou drama to indicate that the character is a woman.

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