Otka Isle Maze Map

a map of the Otka Isle Maze underneath the main room. only accessible with the Sol Blade.

Otka Island is an island in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.You will need Himi's Search Psynergy to do anything here.

You will need the Sol Blade to access the maze in the basement first floor. This is a link to the map:

A Jupiter Djinni, Lull, and Quality Zol can be found in the first room after using search to cause stone blocks to appear. The rest of the island is a maze and usually requires a map to cheat and find your way around. Alternatively you can use the 'right hand-rule' ('Pledge algorithm') , which means that you follow the walls on one side. This will lead you through the whole dungeons without problems. Hidden within is a Triton's Ward, Psy Crystal, Power Bread, and Mythril Silver.

This island is also the home of the Catastrophe Summon Tablet. It is guarded by the superboss Ancient Devil.

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