A Plate Mail is an Armor-class bodywear available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is sold in armor vendors at Lunpa in Golden Sun and at Champa in The Lost Age. Being an Armor-class piece of body protection, a Plate Mail can be equipped on warrior-style Adepts, namely Isaac and Garet in the first game, along with Felix and Piers in the second. It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 33 points. Its buy value is 4400 coins and its sell value is 3300 coins.

In Golden Sun when Plate Mails can first be bought in Lunpa, players who have freely won Spirit Armors at Tolbi with their Lucky Medals would find Plate Mails to be quite a bad buy. While a Plate Mail has a single extra defense point over a Spirit Armor, a Spirit Armor adds 15 to all four elemental resistances to the Adept it's equipped on, which easily makes Spirit Armor better at lowering damage than a Plate Mail by a fair margin. For this reason, an Adept equipped with Spirit Armor should keep it on even when he is able to buy the strongest common Armor later on, Steel Armor, at Lalivero. And even if one of your Adepts is not equipped with a Spirit Armor, instead having an Armored Shell, a Plate Mail is not worth it (unless you have money to burn) because it is only a very slight incremental increase in defense.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the Plate Mail has far better potential to be very useful and worth your money. When you get the Lemurian Ship, the entire Great Eastern Sea and the many settlements located throughout it open up for you to explore, meaning the Plate Mail can be bought at the seaside town of Champa as soon as you set out. At that early point, it is a strong replacement for any Psynergy Armor your party members might be equipped with, and the Plate Mail might actually remain on your party for quite a while because, in comparison to other classes of equipment in The Lost Age, strong bodywear artifacts are surprisingly rare to come by until when the Great Eastern Sea segment ends at Lemuria. Namely, unless you forge Planet Armor from Star Dust at the blacksmith in Yallam, the only armor that can effectively replace a Plate Mail is the Phantasmal Mail found deeper in Izumo Ruins.

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