Port Rago Canal (ドックの排水溝 Dock's Drainage) is the underground passage from Port Rago to Port Rago Docks that represents a required minor dungeon-like area. Matthew and his friends have to pass through these canalworks once they've acquired Kraden's Letter in order to meet Briggs.

When first entered, jump up to the board and go down to find a Nut in a barrel. Keep heading left, following the path to get back out to Port Rago, to find a chest with a Hard Nut. Head back and take the right path.

Other items that are collectible in Port Rago Canal is the Mercury Djinni Coral (north door) as well as some Quality Zol (south door). However, the player must use Arid Heat from Port Rago Docks to access the two items.

Items Edit

Djinn Edit

Coral: Need to use Arid Heat at the back of Briggs ship.

Trivia Edit

  • If Port Rago is reached by the Endless Wall glitch, Bone Gnawers will appear in place of the standard enemies encountered in the canal. This indicates that Port Rago was originally intended to be revisited after the eclipse.