Port Rago Docks is a location featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, located in the town of Port Rago in the country of Morgal.

Story Edit

After talking with members of Briggs's crew in Border Town, Matthew's party of Adepts travel to Port Rago to meet with Briggs himself. According to the crewmembers, Briggs would certainly wish to make use of Port Rago's docks, which housed master shipbuilders who would repair the ship after a disastrous attack on Belinsk. When the Adepts arrive at Port Rago, they find that the Docks are closed off for unknown reasons. However, the group is able to use their Psynergy to traverse the city's canals and sneak in the back way. At the docks, Briggs speaks with the Adepts about his son's capture by Belinsk forces. He requests that the Adepts speak with Tret to see if there are any secret entrances in Belinsk's fortress, as the fortress was otherwise impregnable, so that a rescue could be attempted. The Adepts are hesitant to accept, but decide to speak with Tret anyway. In return, Briggs promises to use his Sailing Ship to assist in the rescue once repairs are completed.

When Matthew's party returns to the docks, they sneak in again, and hold a second meeting with Briggs. After learning that Briggs's ship is not yet repaired, the Adepts are forced to go on ahead to rescue Eoleo.

Walkthrough Edit

Matthew will automatically push the box out of the way as the player enters the docks. Check the barrel to your right for 24 Coins, then head left to climb up the chain. Move around the boxes here and use Grip to bring the ladder over. Go down the steps here and climb the chain to reach a chest with Planet Armor.

Head all the way to the left and down the plank to a small place surrounded by boxes. Examine them all to find a Water of Life and a Kaocho Dumpling. Now go back up and to the right, staying on the lower level. The jar in the corner here has an Oil Drop. Here, cast Arid Heat on the jar to make the water drop. Use the nearby ladder and go through the north door to get to Coral. Follow the south door to collect some Quality Zol.

Items Edit