A Pure Circlet is a Circlet-class head armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is obtained by bringing a Tear Stone forgeable material to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either this or several other items. As a Circlet, it can be equipped by Jenna, Sheba, Ivan, and Mia. Its buy value is 3700 coins and its sell value is 2775.

The Pure Circlet increases the wearer's base defense by 29, and it increases Mercury power by 20. It is in both regards inferior to the Clear Bracelet, which can also be forged from a Tear Stone - however, it is better than much of the headgear available to Jenna or Sheba up to this point. In addition, the bonus to Mercury Power stacks - wearing both a Clear Bracelet and a Pure Circlet, therefore, will provide a +45 bonus to Mercury power, a drastic increase even from an endgame perspective. If Jenna is in the Cavalier class, her Cutting Edge and Wish Well will benefit enormously from having both pieces of equipment, and it may be valuable to keep both equipped even once better defensive gear is available, until the PP-regenerating Crown of Glory becomes available in Lemuria.

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