Quality Zol is the first forgeable material found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It looks like a green-blue cube. It is dropped by the Sky Dragon at Warrior's Hill. Fell it with a Jupiter Djinn to increase the chance. It can be forged into the following items:

Hover Greave (boots) - +20 Def, 1.5x Agility. Equipable by Eoleo, Matthew, and Tyrell.

Zol Ring - 1.8x Agility. Equipable by everyone.

Buying price: ? Selling price: 1875 coins.

Air Bangle - +39 Def, +30 Jupiter Power. Equipable by everyone

Buying price: 6000 coins. Selling price: 4500 coins.

Verdant Sword (Light Blade) - +165 Atk. Equipable by everyone except Rief and Sveta. Pure Jupiter element weapon. Unleashes Gale Force, Vorpal Slash, Mad Zephyr, and Emerald Blitz.

Buying price: 18000 coins.Selling price: 1350 coins.

Zol Tiara - +37 Def, +30 Jupiter Resistance. Equipable by the girls only.

Buying price: 6000 coins. Selling price: 4500 coins.

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