Rief (クラウン Kuraun) is a playable character of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is a Mercury Adept who is described as a knowledgeable researcher traveling with Kraden, a scholar of Alchemy who acts as Rief's mentor. [1] Rief joins Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis at some point after the initial party is formed. Rief's mother is Mia, and he also has a sister named Nowell.

He is an intelligent, but overly curious boy, who is almost drawn into a Psynergy Vortex in an abandoned mine shortly before he joins the group. He was saved only by the timely shouts of both Kraden and his sister, Nowell. However, not long after this, while the group is fighting three Stealthy Scouts, Rief is kidnapped by Blados and the unidentified Masked Man. They inform the worried groups that they intend to leave him at one of the two exits from the mine, and that they recommend that Matthew's group is the one to head south. Kraden and Nowell rush to the northern exit, hoping to find him there, while Matthew's group leaves through the southern exit. As they near the exit, Blados' group trigger a small explosion, creating a large rockpile preventing the group from returning to the mines. Matthew's party leaves the mine, to see a crate hopping along. Before they can investigate it further, it falls over and breaks, revealing Rief tied up inside. After mentioning that he's been to the southern area before with Kraden and his sister, they agree to let him join the group. They all hope to be able to eventually reunite him with his sister and mentor in the fortress city of Belinsk, the capital of Morgal, which is known as the country of beastmen.

One particular screenshot released on the day of the E3 2010 trailer and floor demo indicated the existence of a party member named "Crown," but Crown was first shown in playable form in a trailer released on the the Japanese Wii Trailer Channel on August 18th, 2010. "Crown" was presumed to be his name for all versions of Dark Dawn until a trailer posted on an product page for the North American version of the game showed his U.S. name to be Rief.

Rief's gender was not clear to fans even after later trailers were posted because, in addition to an androgynous appearance and masculine name, Rief's Golden Sun-style "squeak-voice" in cut scenes is a high-pitched one normally reserved for female characters and NPCs, including Dark Dawn's own Chalis. Nonetheless, a similar voice was used for certain young boy NPCs, such as Justin.

As a playable characterEdit

When Rief joins after escaping the abandoned mine, he will be at Level 10, and will have only one Djinn set to him, Sleet.

As a playable character in battle, Rief is a Mercury Adept who, in terms of battle statistics and equipment, is essentially a clone of Mia from the original Golden Sun. He has low physical attack power, but has a large pool of psynergy, primarily healing psynergy. However, his available weaponry before beating the final is notably weaker than Mia's weaponry, which does not help his attack power very much. However, the additional unleashes allow him to toy around with the different weaponry, even if he is more of a mage-type unit.

Statistical ComparisonEdit

Rief is more durable than Himi and Karis, but has less agility than both of them. He also has less HP, attack, and defense than the rest of the cast. However, his psynergy pool is much more healing-based than them.

In contrast to his fellow Mercury adept, Amiti, Rief has more PP and luck, but a bit less agility, less HP and defense, and much less attack power. Also, Amiti's psynergy pool is more offensive, while Rief has access to the Wish Psynergy series in his base class.


  • Rief is a mage-style fighter like his mother, Mia. In fact, he is essentially a clone of her in battle.
  • Rief's French name, Robin, is the same as Isaac's name in the Japanese version.
  • Rief is the first male party member to lack the ability to equip bladed weapons, even lightswords.

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