The Safety Boots are Boots available in Golden Sun: The Lost Age where they can be bought as an Artifact in the town of Garoh. It can be bought for 700 coins and sold for 525 coins.

The Safety Boots increase the wearer's defense by 12 but reduces the Adept's speed to 70%. The defense bonus is the third best of all the boots in the game, being surpassed by the Dragon Boots and the Golden Boots. Since the Dragon Boots, which also provides resistances without any negative bonuses, can be acquired in multiples, though, that obsoletes the Safety Boots as the best defensive boots in the game, and it should not be equipped by the end of the game to substantially lower the Agility of one Adept. One thing that is for certain, though, is that the Safety Boots are far superior to Turtle Boots, which has less Defense and an even harsher Agility reduction value.

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