SagittariusBowIcon Sagittarius Bow
Trade values
Item class Bow
Buy value 29,000
Sell value 21,750
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 170
First unleash effect
Effect name Triple Burst
Extra damage Star jupiter x1.8
Second unleash effect
Effect name Star Dust
Extra damage Star mars x1.4
Side effect Hits every foe two positions within the target
Third unleash effect
Effect name Blue Comet
Extra damage Star mercury 2.2

The Sagittarius Bow is bow-type artifact in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is the strongest bow in the game.

Basic DescriptionEdit

How to GetEdit

To obtain the Sagittarius Bow, the player must explore Crossbone Isle on basement floor 9/10 and find the room with a pirate skeleton surrounded by several treasure chests. One of these chest contains a SagittariusBow Worn Worn Bow. Take the Worn Bow to Obaba in Champa to have it reforged into its former might.


The Sagittarius Bow increases the wielder's Attack by 170 points. It can be sold for 21,750 coins and can be re-bought for 29,000 coins.

The Sagittarius Bow has three unleashes:

  • Triple Burst: A Jupiter-based unleash that multiplies damage by 1.8.
  • Star Dust: A Mars-based unleash that multiplies damage by 1.4. In addition, it damages all enemies within 2 positions of the target.
  • Blue Comet: A Mercury-based unleash that multiplies damage by 2.2.


Although the Sagittarius Bow has less base power than other weaponry available, its ability to always multiply damage done when unleashing provides unrivaled consistency in this game that can make it more reliable than other weapons. For example, the Sol Blade, Excalibur, and Tisiphone Edge all had less powerful unleashes given to them that do not multiply damage, hampering their consistency, but the Sagittarius Bow will always multiply damage when unleashing, giving it advantages over the weapons that were once famed in The Lost Age. However, the bow cannot be obtained until you beat the game, which means you cannot use this powerful weapon against the final boss. However, should you still seek to go post-game, it is ideal to obtain this weapon from Crossbone Isle first so you can deal consistent damage.

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