A Salamander Rod is a Staff-class weapon found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is obtained by bringing a Salamander Tail forgeable item to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either that or several other items, and then buying it from him. Being a Staff, it can be equipped by Ivan, Mia, Jenna, and Sheba. Its buy value is 14300 coins and its sell value is 10725.

The Salamander Rod increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 156. Its Unleash effect is Fire Dance, which is effectively a standard physical attack that adds 51 damage points and then modifies the resulting damage based on the user's Mars power and the target's Mars resistance. It may also lower the target's Attack rating by 25%. Fire Dance resembles the user projecting a billowing plume of fire at the target; it is the same graphic as the Fire Dance monster skill held by the Phoenix monster line.

When considered as a weapon for the mage-style Mars Adept Jenna to hold, Salamander Rod is a very similar weapon to the Burning Sword both in power level, Unleash effect, and the fact they're both forged out of Salamander Tails. The only differences are that the Salamander Rod is very slightly less sharp, its normal hits are not considered Mars-aligned attacks themselves, and it may lower the target's Attack rather than its Defense. Whether you would want to lower the enemy's physical damage against you or raise your party's physical damage against it is a matter of personal preference. Also, like the Burning Sword, it is strong as a late-game weapon, but should only be considered a placeholder for a far more powerful weapon like Tisiphone Edge.

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