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Search is a Psynergy needed to be used to gain access to particular locations in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

"See beyond the visible realm." - In-game description of Search.

Search is a unique Psynergy usable only by Himi in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It takes 1 PP to use. It is very similar to the Reveal Psynergy from the previous two games, but with a casting animation that lasts for about 10-12 seconds rather than Reveal's one. When players encounter small purple lights circling a small area in a dungeon, town or even the world map, they can use Search to reveal hidden objects, platforms and even bridges on the world map. Additionally, it can open locked areas in the world map such as the entrance to Gaia Falls Islet.

"This earth-based Psynergy is unique to Himi. It allows her to discover hidden objects and other secrets." - In-game Encylopedia entry on Search.

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